Th the Taste of Sweden

Smörgåstårtan is a Swedish concept of making sandwiches the luxury way. In Sweden people serve smörgåstårta at festivities such as birthdays, graduation days, weddings and other special occations. But now Smörgåstårtan is expanding this luxury tradition.

Everyday luxury

In every corner of the country

This is our way of spreading great luxury to every country. Not only can you buy a smörgåstårta as a whole cake, you also can buy by portion, in different tastes and sizes.

Smörgåstårtan is the International provider of the Swedish luxury cake in all sizes, all over the world. Check out our menu and chose from our favourites to our special and exotic testes.


Special orders from our list:

  • Shrimp and Lemon
  • Ham & Cheese
  • Nautic with Salmon 

More Exotic tastes list:

  1. Nowegian Smörgåstårta
  2. Spanish Smörgåstårta
  3. Brazilian Smörgåstårta